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[edit] Resistance Historic Timeline

Below are listed the chronological events in the Resistance universe.

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[edit] 1800's
[edit] 1900-1920
[edit] 1920's
  • 1921-Aug: French agents murdered for allegedly encouraging insurrection (RFoM timeline)
  • 1921-Sep: Russia closes its borders and forms the red curtain (RFoM timeline)
  • 1923-Jun: Record numbers in fishing (RFoM timeline)
  • 1926-Aug: Volga River in Russia has an "episode" in which 1000x normal levels of Radon is found, killing all marine life and some villagers. (ref:Resistance 2 trailer; shows alot of water and narrator states "How we have been here")
  • 1927-Jan: The first Trans-Atlantic call (RFoM timeline)
  • 1928: Tesla's VTOL concept patented (RFoM timeline)
  • 1928-Jun: Amelia Earhart's flight (RFoM timeline)
  • 1929-Oct: Economic uncertainty - President Hoover prevents a depression (RFoM timeline)
[edit] 1930's
  • 1930-Aug: Environmental instability from strange Russian weather patterns (RFoM timeline)
  • 1930-Sep: The Weimar Republic overcomes the Nazi party (RFoM timeline)
  • 1933: Skull fossil discovered by Josiah Bennivur, donated to the Helena, Montana Museum of Natural History (Popular Technologies Nov-1950, page 4)
  • 1934: Special Research Projects Agency is formed (Popular Technologies Nov-1950, page 4)
  • 1934-May-27: Unknown material found; miners claim to have found a metallic structure at the Big Scrape copper mine in Nevada; US investigates, seizes the mine, sets up 12 mile perimeter (RFoM timeline)
  • 1935: VTOL program accelerated (RFoM timeline)
  • 1936-Aug: 1936 Olympic games held in Germany, Russia doesn't join (RFoM timeline)
  • 1937-Apr: The Northern Front - large parts of Alaska are classified by the U.S.; construction begins in Anchorage on the largest US Army base (RFoM timeline)
  • 1937-May: VTOL problems solved (RFoM timeline)
  • 1938-Feb: Sweden has coldest winter ever recorded. (RFoM timeline)
  • 1938-Jun: Russian Ghost Towns start popping up with no sign of bodies. Biological weapons suspected(RFoM timeline)
  • 1938-Oct: War of the Worlds (RFoM timeline)
  • 1938-Oct: Domestic Security Agency (RFoM timeline)
  • 1938-Dec: Roosevelt vs Taft on secure shipping lanes - Taft introduces Senator Noah Grace (RFoM timeline)
  • 1939-May: Military Defense Commission formed (RFoM timeline)
[edit] 1940's
  • 1940-Aug: Roosevelt labeled an Imperialist and Warmonger by Grace (RFoM timeline)
  • 1941-Jan: Military spending increases (RFoM timeline)
  • 1941-Jan: Subterranean Army Complex built across the UK, press is blacked out (RFoM timeline)
  • 1942-Feb: Close encounters - Latvia spotters sight odd lights and planes up in the sky. (RFoM timeline)
  • 1944-Jun: US tests first Nuclear weapon in Alaska (RFoM timeline)
  • 1947-Feb: Presidential 3rd term (RFoM timeline)
  • 1947-Feb: "The Runner" dies mysteriously, carrying a skull (RFoM timeline)
  • 1947-Feb: Supposed discovery of a skull in Estonia similar to 1933's finding, denied by the office of Percention Protection and Guidance (Popular Technologies Nov-1950, page 4)
  • 1948-Aug: Ukranian propaganda (RFoM timeline)
  • 1948-Aug: European intelligence agencies listen in on Russian radio broadcasts and hear a single repeating message across a network of 12,000 stations. The message says "Brotherhood, strength and fortitude... in the face of the angry night". A powerful signal erupts from this and causes the recievers to overheat and electrocute five men. (RFoM wiki)
  • 1948-Nov: President Grace re-elected for a 3rd term (RFoM timeline)
[edit] 1949
  • 1949-Apr: A new threat arises (RFoM timeline)
  • 1949-Apr: King Edward VIII visits America on a goodwill tour bringing knowledge of what's happening in Russia, but leaves with more questions then answers. (RFoM wiki)
  • 1949-May: Alliance for Autonomy (RFoM timeline)
  • 1949-Sep: Global cooling continues, Britain affected by odd Russian climate (RFoM timeline)
  • 1949-Sep: Strange animal behavior in the Ukraine (RFoM timeline)
  • 1949-Dec: Chimeran invades from Russia, red curtain broken, United European Defence is formed (RFoM timeline)
  • 1949-Dec: Fear of Chimera - psychological effects plague troops because of Chimera; British morale propaganda begins (RFoM timeline)
  • 1949-Dec: Destination: Avalon One - British evacuation to Australia (RFoM timeline)
[edit] 1950
  • 1950-Jan: Missing persons multiply in refugee cities falling to Chimera (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Jan: The Siege of Genoa, Italy by Chimera (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Jan: America responds, offering military support to the UED, renewing every 90 days (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Feb: Europe falls to Chimera (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Mar: Royal Navy mysteriously attacks; enormous waves on a calm sea; 96 ships wash up on France shore, 17 bodies found, all dead by suicide; bilges filled with a classified substance (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-May: US/Canada/Mexico Border attacks intensify (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-May: American propaganda begins by the office of Perception Protection and Guidance claiming Europe overrun with Influenza epidemic (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Aug: Unusual seismic activity under the English Channel caused by Chimera (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Oct: 14,000 soldiers drown in Chimera attack on London by flooding of River Thames(RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Nov: British seek refuge in shelters where Chimera collect bodies quickly, becoming named "Magic Coffins" (RFoM timeline)
  • 1950-Nov: Popular Technologies magazine releases November issue, 10ยข
  • 1950-Nov-03: A letter from Grant Thompson to Cassie Aklin (reference)
  • 1950-Nov-06: A letter from Grant Thompson to Cassie Aklin (reference)
  • 1950-Nov-10: Channing Brown is selected for injection
  • 1950-Nov-10: The second issue of America First America Only is published
  • 1950-Nov-14: Brown is injected and dies
  • 1950-Nov-17: Keith Todd Oster is selected for injection
  • 1950-Nov-17: The third issue of America First America Only is published
  • 1950-Nov-21: Oster is shot and killed after violently trying to prevent his injection
  • 1950-Nov-24: Glenn Albert Khaner is selected for injection
  • 1950-Nov-24: The fourth issue of America First America Only is published
  • 1950-Nov-28: Khaner is injected and dies
  • 1950-Dec-01: Nathan Hale is selected for injection
  • 1950-Dec-01: The fifth issue of America First America Only is published
  • 1950-Dec-05: Hale is injected and enters a coma, but later recovers
  • 1950-Dec-08: Frank Anthony Gennaro is selected for injection
  • 1950-Dec-08: The sixth issue of America First America Only is published
  • 1950-Dec-12: Gennaro is injected and dies
  • 1950-Dec-12: Kenneth Danby is selected for the last injection
  • 1950-Dec-15: SRPA shuts down Project Abraham, sparing Danby from injection, and orders all its personnel to relocate to Research Station Genesis
  • 1950-Dec-15: The U.S. government's quarantine of the Bahamas fails
  • 1950-Dec-15: The seventh issue of America First America Only is published
  • 1950-Dec-15: The U.S. government raids the Alliance for American Autonomy's base
[edit] 1951
  • 1951-Jan: Trail of the Cloven - savage humans seemingly aligned with Chimera mutilate themselves and victims leaving behind slash markes (RFoM timeline)
  • 1951-Jan-27: Lt.Stephen Cartwright notes increasing Cloven encounters (RFoM wiki)
  • 1951-Jan-29: Cartwright notes communication with Cloven is determined futile as both humans and Chimera seem to be considered enemies (RFoM wiki)
  • 1951-Jun: Deserted British coast observed by US fleet (RFoM timeline)
  • 1951-Jul: A final hope (RFoM timeline)
  • 1951-Jul-11: Operation: Deliverance launched by US navy in response to lack of communication with British forces; attempt to secure landing in York, England is thwarted by Chimera (RFoM wiki)
  • 1951-Jul-11: Sgt. Nathan Hale is flown to York, but ambushed and infected; Hale marked KIA but survives, taken to Grimsby, England (photo shown on Blackout is first seen in Hale's locker prior to departure) (RFoM wiki)
  • 1951-Jul-28: Chimeran 'spires' observed to resupply Hybrids (RFoM wiki)
  • 1951-Aug-2: In a mission to recover recon data, US platoons are attacked by Cloven; Troops and Cloven are then attacked by unknown hostile faction. Afterwards, only human and Cloven bodies found, and thermite grenade residue (RFoM wiki)
  • 1951-Aug-7: Cloven ransack Chimeran reactor nodes, but are not hindered by Chimera (RFoM wiki)
  • 1951-Aug-30: Cloven encampments found by British troops; Chimeran weapons reported far more devastating; Cloven potentially in possession of advanced/modified Chimeran weaponry
[edit] 1953
  • 1953: Chimera start their attack on east and west coast of the United States. Resistances 2 plot follows soon after. (IGN R2 outline)

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