War Department Develops Top Secret Aircraft

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[edit] War Department Develops Top Secret Aircraft - And Says "Hands Off" To Everyone Else

A new, state-of-the-art model of the VTOL fighter plane has been constructed under a shroud of secrecy in Washington, D.C. The last VTOL design, the P-1117 Kingfisher, was sold to the United European Defense (UED), but this one is all for us. President Noah Grace announced that the latest VTOL would be used strictly for American security purposes.

"Our nation is strong," boasted Grace, "But, the only way to keep it that way is to build up our resources and prepare for any eventuality. One look at this magnificent prototype will send a clear message through the international community. The United Staes will not be bullied -- and we've got the firepower to prove it."

This initiative is just the latest work of the Special Research Projects Agency. Since its inception in 1934, SRPA has operated closely with the U.S. War Department, though their mission has never been made fully transparent to the public. Perhaps when the newVTOL takes flight, we'll know what they've been up to.

(Image of VTOL fighter plane and schematics)

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