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[edit] file YRSD519595

  • Awards for various Young Ranchers of South Dakota competitions, noting Susan Hale's problematic win.
Biggest Show - 1937

577 pounds

Sarah May Louenfield

"Best Produce 1946"
"Best Produce 1947"

For two seasons in a row, the Wreggler farm has harvested the most bountiful array of fruits and vegetables per square acre in all of South Dakota.

Congratulations, Jonas!

Young Ranchers of South Dakota
Shoot Off list of Champions

Name Year Accuracy Score
Nathan Hale194296.5%193/200
Reggie Huntington194689%178/200
*Susan Hale194587.5%178/200
Burl Pryers193785%170/200
Sammy "Eagle Eye" Samuelsen193585%170/200
Norman Styloe194383.5%167/200
Harry VonMorse194482%164/200

* Due to recent developments, Susan Hale's victory in the 1945 shoot-off has been rescinded.
YRSO has already dealth with the matter.

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