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[edit] file NV92374A1

Item #1 of PEL NV92374A (Khaner)
June 19, 1949

Dear Glenn,

When I saw that your letter was coming
from Iceland, I was surprised and pleased for
you. Research Station Igloo sounds like a
great posting. I honestly didn't even remember
that I told you that the research project I
was joining was in a cold dark place. I'm sorry
that you ended up in Iceland because you
thought I'd be there. But you shouldn't have
flunked out of training just because of me.
It's a great posting, good for your career.
But I didn't mean to be mysterious. Of
course I'm flattered! I do care for you!
Glenn, you matter a great deal to me! Our time
together was one of the best times of my life!
I am glad you wrote and please do keep writing!
If we were still posted together, I would love
to go out with you again.
I'm up to my eyebrows in work. I'll write
you more, soon.


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