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[edit] file LB73356572

SECURITY REPORT 11/28/50 Subject: K. Danby
Danby's dual position as both scientist and lab technician raises some security red flags. Danby has a history of mental illness and is now under tremendous stress. Malikov has given him permission to work in the lab, but with all due respect to the brilliant doctor, it seemed prudent to keep an eye on Danby.
Per discussion last week, an unnamed scientific staffer has reviewed the material we covertly gathered (Danby's lab notes, etc.) and he says there is no indication of instability. He indicates that Danby's insights into the biological processes that govern the transformation are professional, and in his words 'sharp.' (He was particulary impressed with Danby's speculations regarding the results from Khaner's injection: Something about the virus, and regulation of cell growth by heat shock proteins. Heat Shock Proteins are part of the mechanism that stimulates more cells to grow in case of injury, and in Khaner, the serum turned them 'on' but left them unable to turn 'off.' In the staffer's words, the guy died of 'meat suffocation.' Gotta love this assignment.)
In summary: Danby is not at this time a security problem.

  • A stamp on the top right of the document reads "Assoc. Doc: LB18228450"
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