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[edit] file EU9376Debrief, 2/18/50

Discovered in Brown's dossier, dated Feb 18, 1950 File Locator #[EU9376Debrief]
Brown, Channing
Service No.  764122AX
Mildenhall UK

For Diplomatic Pouch to Department of War

Debriefing Summary, Transcript (Redacted)

BROWN:  Upon reaching the northern edge of Genoa, we
discovered the city was under _____________________  The
Italian command was headquartered in the Palazzo Doria.  I
was assigned to a mixed unit of British and Italian
soldiers gathering intelligence under the command of _________
________________ there were ____________ in all.  We moved
south along the docks until we reached the river.

At the river, the local troops were _______________________
Although we'd been told about them, ______________________

The Italians call them ______ and something like _____________
I saw _______________________ There were huge numbers of
what I guess I'd call, for lack of a better term, ____________
_________ _______________________________________________
______ although they _________________  There were ___________
___________________________________  Then there were a
couple of stronger _________________________.  They had
some kind of __________ not a ________ Our ________ were
not very effective against them.

Local troops were not able to hold _________________.

One of the troops was an Austrian soldier who has been
retreating since ______ fell.  Eigner, his name was.  His
English was very good.  He claimed to be the last of his
unit, maybe the last Austrian still in Europe.  He claimed
that anyone who falls __________________ never escapes.  We
were ________ by _______________________ and a bunch of
_____________ and during the _________________ he was
_________________  He shot himself rather than risk __________

INTERVIEWER:  Sergeant?  Do you need a moment?

BROWN: No, I'm fine.

INTERVIEWER: Are you ready to continue?

BROWN: Yeah. The long and the short of it is, we retreated
back towards the Palazzo Doria, where I was entrusted with
a diplomatic pouch.


Did anyone get out after me?
(see the uncensored file)
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