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[edit] file BU75207B1

Item #1 of PEL BU75207B (Oster)
August 14th, 1940

During their radio debate last night, republican presidential nominee Noah Grace blasted his rival candidate, incumbent Franklin Roosevelt, for his various secretive policies. The primary topic of discussion: FDR's ballooning defense spending.

When Roosevelt claimed that his latest military buildup initiative was essential to our national security, Grace called foul. "I've had a look at the president's current budget," argued Grace, "and frankly, it scares. War planes, bombs and supertanks? Americans are a peace-loving people, just trying to put food on the table. You can't feed your family with weapons and warfare."

Though the standing president countered that he was only interested in protecting the U.S. border, Grace forged on. "If we are in any danger of foreign invasion," demanded Grace, "then he needs to tell us and he needs to tell us now!" Firebrand Grace was met with a thunderous applause from those in attendance.

Always the diplomat, however, FDR finally mustered a convincing rebuttal. "I assure the good people of this country that America is safer than it has ever been, but the only way to maintain that safety is by staying on the ball. Our administration employs the brightest minds and hardest working individuals possible to keep our goals moving forward and to put us on the front lines of democracy and independence."

Grace then interrupted to quip, "Front lines? Sounds like warmongering to me."

Does the upstart from Montana have what it takes to overthrow one of the most popular presidents in recent history? The polls show his support growing among younger voters; particularly new families who don't want their lives destroyed by America's intervention in a war overseas.
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