Project Abraham's Latest Victim

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From AAA Issue #3, Page 2

[edit] Project Abraham's Latest Victim

R.I.P. Channing Brown, 1930-1950

He fought for his country. He faced off against our gruesome enemy in Genoa, Italy. He was an American hero...

And they killed him like a dog.

Maybe he knew too much. Maybe he wouldn't cooperate with the government's latest extremist behavior. Whatever the reason, Project Abraham dispensed with Sgt. Brown's life like it was yesterday's corned beef hash.

It is a sick carnival ride of pain, misery, and death...

And there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. How could they justify such barbaric experimentation? Is this an improvement over their last failure? Do they have any respect for the sancity of human life?

We are all just pawns in their macabre game.
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