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From AAA Issue #2

[edit] Not Another Dime

Cut Them Off at the Knees - Refuse to Pay Your Taxes!

If we really want to stand up against the Grace administration and its policies of secrecy and propaganda, then we must stop paying taxes immediately. Our hard-earned dollars are helping to fund a massive coverup and, yet, our questions go unanswered day after day. Why is our economy still failing? How much more money can they take without telling us where it's going?

Where does it end?

Americans revolted against the British because they refused to hear our voice as an independent nation. The forefathers called it "Taxation without representation" - and it's happening all over again. They government schemes and spends behind closed doors while our citizens continue to struggle. Some families can't even put food on the table, and yet the fat cats in Washington keep getting fatter.

Make THEM suffer for a change.

Next tax season, send a message to the powers-that-be: we're cutting you off until our interests are heard and acknowledged. No money, no cooperation, no exceptions.
  • Includes a photo of a handful of coins
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