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[edit] Lt. Cartwright

(doesn't appear in the Project Abraham ARG) LT. Cartwright is a british soldier under the command of Colonel Parker. Cartwright survives with Hale through many battles against the chimera while all of his allies died. And was a key ally in Resistance Fall of man.

[edit] Survivor

LT. Cartwright was with his squad was they were trying to destroy a bridge outside of london. The bridge was supposed to keep Goliaths from launching a deadlly spire attack on all of the military forces attacking the london tower. As they were setting up the dinomite however a single goliath was able to launch a spire to where they were located in river thames and supposedlly killed the entire squad. After several minutes of no response Colonel Parker assumes they were all killed However moments later Cartwright is found fighting against the goliath. It is still very unknown exactilly how Cartwright managed to be the only survivor of that spire launch as he was with his squad at the time of the launch. These were ingame events of RFOM.

[edit] Mysterious shipment Intel

A RFOM intel from the hangar level reports a U.S shipment that was heavilly Gaurded as it was being transported into Southern Command. The shipment was said to have U.s flags labled on the boxes, was labled as "lab equipment" and was under heavy gaurd as it was being loaded. This shipment must have been more inportant than it was presumed because of the supposed Military personel that were present while it was being loaded.

It is likelely that there is a connection between this intel and Cartwright's suvival against the spires.--ClasifyedJ 17:23, 20 January 2009 (MST)

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