Alliance for American Autonomy

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[edit] Alliance for American Autonomy (AAA)

  • A radical political organization devoted to the removal of Noah Grace from the presidency, the exposure of the "European influenza" as a lie created to cover up the alien invasion of Europe, and the enforcement of the First and Second Amendments
  • Is currently stockpiling truckloads of ammo and weapons they have stolen from the military, prompting the Grace Administration to proclaim them "Public Enemy #1"
  • Publishes a newsletter, America First America Only, which usually contains secret government information acquired through the hacking of SRPAnet
  • Has been forced underground by the government following the alien invasion of the United States

[edit] Known Members

  • Professor Peter Rassmussen (deceased)
  • Susan Hale
  • Maury P. Welkers (arrested)
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