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From AAA Issue #3, Page 1

[edit] Alien Invasion!

Alliance members have unearthed information on the existence of extraterrestial oppressors in Europe. Part serpent, part assassin, this new breed of menace has set its sights on our women and children, ready to eradicate America as we know it. If we don't wise up to this harrowing situation, then the space mutants will surely enslave us all...or worse.

This is the end of life as we know it!

Scores of Alliance members have been working tirelessly on their terminals to keep us informed as to the presence of these creatures in Europe. That makes it official: they're coming here next and the War Department is preparing to fight these vermin on our shores.

There is no such thing as the "European Influenza."

The Grace Administration fabricated a tale about the plague to divert our attention from the real problem. Are we going to trust the government to protect us against the aliens after they've to us for this long? Take one look at this picture and you'll know what we have to do: fortify your homes, stock up on ammunition and tell your neighbors...

"The aliens are coming and they're thirsty for our blood."

America has never lost a war on this planet, and we're not about to lose one from these outsiders, no matter how powerful they may be. They'll be coming by air, by land and by sea, so keep your eyes trained on every single inch of our national borders.

You can't be too careful.

We'll find their weakness. With American strength, adaptability and know-how we'll stop these creatures dead in their tracks and turn this invasion around. First, spread the word! The Grace Administration has been withholding this knowledge! Then prepare!

They're not getting in!

We have no idea what these monsters are capable of - with those jagged teeth and skeletal body contours, anything is possible. There's no telling how our traditional weapons will fare against their menacing superpowers, but we must arm ourselves to the hilt, just in case.

The only good alien is a dead alien.

That's our mantra here at the Alliance. If they're coming to our shores, then they'll be greeted by hot lead and lots of it. America is too important to leave it to the ineffectual leadership of a crippled bureaucracy. So, draw your line in the sand and never let any creature cross it. Let's show those ugly mugs that America stands against them, now and forever.
  • Includes picture from SRPA file FR8535 with the caption Evidence of alien life on Earth. Six eyed creature stalks a ruined Europe.
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