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Follow the Map


  • At the bottom of page 2 of the Popular Technologies foldout is a cutout to mail in for free information. The dashed 'cut here' lines along the bottom are Morse code, which translated spells FOLLOW THE MAP.
  • On the same page is part of a world map. Overlaid is a grid of gray squares, some containing white dots.
    • The grid is found to be 26 squares wide.
    • Interpreting the column position of the dots (1-26) as a letter (A-Z) yields the phrase HOW FAR WILL THEY GO PROJECT ABRAHAM.
  • ProjectAbraham.com (link) is discovered shortly after, which contains a video.
  • At the end of the video, more Morse code is heard. This is translated to BLACKOUT.
  • ProjectAbraham.com/Blackout (link) is discovered.
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