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[edit] Oster's Injection

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Open with video identification:
Project Abraham
SN 492132FB
PEL BU75207B
Cut to desk with doctor outlining procedure
Doctor: Project Abraham Serum test, T--simulation to heighten immune response, and heat shocked protein modification as before. Modification to vi--to the subject.
Cut to OR with Oster half sitting on the table, seemingly in a deep concentration
Doctor: --ve the patient strapped down please.
Assistant: Chief, do you need a moment?
Doctor: It's ok soldier, just breath.
Oster is visibly stressed, breathing short and speaking through clenched jaw
Oster: Get away from me!
Assistant: Ok let's just take a break. Chief, let's just walk out of here, ok?
Oster glances sideways, having a quick violent vision, eyeing a medical tool. He jumps down, causing the assistant to hastily step back; he grabs the tool, takes a defensive position and backs away from the medical officers. The armed guard in the room takes the cue and draws his weapon preparing to take necessary measures to ensure safety of the medical staff. Oster doesn't back down, and the guard fires.
Final clip: Oster is lying face down in a pool of blood, bullet hole clearly visible in his forehead.
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