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[edit] Capelli Injection 2/3

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:

Hand washing




Kill us all

Knock knock

Get help


Uh oh

Cassie walks in from right. Doctor is washing his hands.
Cassie: I'm sorry.
Doctor: You disappointed me, and threatened the experiment.
Cassie: I threatened the experiment? He was begging for help.
Doctor: You wanted to save him?
Cassie: I am not staying here to be a counselor to a slaughter house.
Doctor: The situation is Europe is worse then they're letting on.
Cassie: The influenza.
Doctor: You saw that man. What do you think is gonna happen when...
Cassie: My god.
Doctor: If we can't figure out how to stop it, it will kill us all.
Cassie: But those men.
Continuous slamming on door beside Cassie.
Doctor: I'll hold the door. Get help! Whoa!
Doctor gets knocked back. Slamming continues. Cassie runs to an opposite set of doors. Soldiers barge in. First door panel gets smashed in.
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