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[edit] Keith Oster Induction Interview

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Open: Oster sits on a stool, facing the camera.
Interviewer: State your serial number for the record.
Oster: --al number 492132 Foxtrot Bravo.
Interviewer: Are you aware that your participation in this study could result in grave injury, gross deformity or death?
Oster: Yes, sir.
Interviewer: Why did you volunteer if you knew the dangers?
Oster: Let me make one thing clear, sir. I am not afraid of anything. No human, no weapon, no situation can cause fear in me. That is why I'm here.
Interviewer: Why?
Oster: Because this is the ultimate test. To put your life on the line for service.
Interviewer: So if you're not afraid...
Oster: Because if I wasn't here, for the rest of my stinking life I would smell fear in me.
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