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[edit] file DK62462A3

Item #3 of PEL DK62462A: A letter from Brown's mother
My Dear Channing,

Why'd you have to go and join the Army? Haven't we had enough loss in this family for a lifetime? Ever since you left, I sit in your room for hours and pray for the day when you come back. I still pray for little Closton too, but I know he's gone to a better place - forever. Do you want me to outlive both of my sons? I couldn't think of a fate more cruel to any mother.
I asked you not to go. I begged you on the doorstep. I cried for days. The neighbors thought I was crazy. They said "Ada, don't torture yourself." But I can't help it.
Please don't forget the words I said to you that day-- your safety is my only concern, sweet son.

Love with all my heart,
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