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[edit] Puzzle

[edit] Oster's Story


  • Tuesday August 5 - After Oster was voted to receive the next injection, his results became available.
  • In his dossier was placed the lab results of his planned injection.
  • Oster is labeled as "P.A. SUBJECT #492132FB" with "PEL# bu75207b"
  • Attempting to GET file 492132FB returns
"Error: File does not exist"
  • Attempting to GET file BU75207B returns a folder list of additional document numbers:
Brown, Channing

Service No.

  • The final document - the "Notice of confiscated materials" - contains an associated document name, documents that were found on Elden Stockmeyer's body - file XX334147SV. (This number could also be located in a simpler way by looking at the picture of Oster's possessions in his dossier.)
  • XX34147SV is a large PDF of seven pages, containing an encrypted filename that must be deciphered in order to retrieve classified documents about Project LDP (Read XX334147SV here).

[edit] Solution - Part 1

  • The instructions laid out on pages 1 through 3 are paraphrased as follows (to be applied to the map formed by pages 4 through 7):
  1. Locate the operative towers using the included list of coordinate triplets (X axis / Y axis / Quadrant 1-4). Label the locations with the associated letter.
  2. Double the distance from the HQ (the central marker) to each coordinate, and mark the resulting location (a 4x4 square however) with the same letter.
  3. Using the key in the lower right of the map, connected each letter pair.
  4. Mark each intersection of 2 or more lines where they overlap a numbered landmark. Once all intersections/landmarks are noted, connect them to form the perimeter of the proposed LDP.
  5. Make a note of each landmark's number forming the perimeter. Organize the number from smallest to largest, and separate them with a hyphen.
  6. The resulting string (with no spaces) is file which can be retrieved from the SRPA Terminal
resulting map (credit: thunderclap8)
resulting map (credit: thunderclap8)
  • The series of landmark intersections is as follows:
  • Taking this string as a file name, and GETing it reveals:
Survey found. See LDP313619PM
  • GETing LDP313619PM (and SAVEing it once loaded) downloads a very large PDF map outlining the proposed LDP perimeter:

[edit] Solution - Part 2, the trail

  • In the bottom left of the map is a stamp with another associated document - SCNR458849. This document is a 2 colour explanation of Military Scenarios for Homeland Defense.
  • Reading through the very detailed, informative document, at the very bottom is another associated document - DEP783528.
  • DEP783528 is a top secret US Army Department of War memo, an Executive Summary of the Evacuation Plan. Again, reading through, at the end of the "Morale Issues" section, is another document reference - MPXX336684.
  • MPXX336684 is the "Masada Proposal". Once again, reading through, near the bottom is another document reference - LDP227489WK.
  • LDP227489WK is the classified Liberty Defense Tower High Level Summary. This is the location of the next Document Control Number. In the upper right is the stamp:
  • This is the DCN that's wanted by AFAO - submit the number to AFAO Tips and your task is complete.

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