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P.A. Medical Facility
November 7th, 1950
Attention, Dr. Cassie Aklin

After having assessed Joseph Capelli's vital signs and
limited tissue damage, we have deduced that the
low-level injection administered to said patient two
weeks ago reacted negatively with his synaptic receptors.
Thus, we have reconfigured the chemical composition of
the serum formula and have resolved to further our

The next date of injection will be this Friday, November
10th, and we have chosen three possible candidates for
this week's study.  Kenneth Danby, Channing Brown and
Keith Oster all display sleep, respiratory and brain
patterns similar to those recorded in Pvt. Capelli's
medical history, so the participation of any one of these
three soldiers will verify that we have solved the
problem inherent in our last experiment.  Please notify
personnel immediately as to which of these men (Danby,
Brown or Oster) you believe to be the ideal match for
the task at hand, based on your psychological expertise.

The success of Project Abraham relies on your prompt,
considered decision, Ms. Aklin.

Authorized Signature,

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