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[edit] Cassie Aklin - 11/24/1950

[edit] Transcript
I can’t get over the guilt. It washes over me every time I see Glenn, the guilt overwhelms me. I’m the reason he’s here. I saw him today in the hallway right after breakfast. It’s always a shock. He’s from another life. My life before Alaska. But he’s here. Right in front of me. I felt like everyone in that hallway could see inside me. They know how I’ve wronged him, how I’ve sinned, how I…broke his heart. And now I’m leading him to his death. And then I see Nathan. Right behind Glenn. Nathan seems like the future. Glenn seems like the past. How could I be falling in love with another man when Glenn might be dying just to be closer to me? This process makes us all monsters. I’ve been following the voting closely. Now it’s over. They picked Glenn. How could I forgive myself? I should’ve been more honest with him. How could I go on knowing his love for me led to his death?

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