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[edit] Kenneth Danby Induction Interview

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Open: Danby sits on a stool, facing the camera.
Interviewer: State your serial number for the record.
Danby: 014748 Victor India.
Interviewer: How did you hear about the project?
Danby: I was in the biochemistry program back east, before I joined the army. A friend called me up.
Interviewer: So, he told you about the project?
Danby: No, no, we were just talking. He used to work on heat shock proteins, about 3 years ago. I called him up and he wanted to know if I was in the program. He wanted to know if I was in the research. Once I heard about the program, I wanted to volunteer. See I used to work in cellular regulation-- That research has implications, it's connected to the heat shock proteins.
Interviewer: Your record indicates you were considered very promising at Princeton.
Danby: Right, boy genius - I had my name in the paper in 19---
Interviewer: Why did you join the army?
Danby: Ever since I joined the army, everybody I've met seems to have joined for the same reason - to escape ourselves. Funny thing is, wherever we go, there we are.
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