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[edit] Resistance 2

[edit] Video game launch campaign

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Welcome to the wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the PS3 video game Resistance 2 launch campaign.

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[edit] The nutshell

Summary of the story so far...

  • July 1, GamePro Magazine revealed their feature story about R2, containing a detailed pamphlet called Popular Technologies. A link on the last page calling for recruits leads to Getawarjob.com. The pamphlet also contained a crossword-style puzzle which led to ProjectAbraham.com. On PA, a video depicted a soldier heading to an ER, with a guest appearance, playing Cassie, by Katee Sackhoff! The end of the video included a short morse code spelling and leading to BLACKOUT. There, is depicted a desktop with a photo of 7 unnamed men (this photo appears at the end of RFoM in Hale's locker).
  • Cassie is commissioned to select from these 7 soldiers each week who will undergo the next serum injection experiment. Videos of interviews, surveillance, and injections are released weekly, as visitors to ProjectAbraham.com vote on who they feel should be the next candidate, to help Cassie who doesn't feel she can make a fair, objective decision.
  • Contents of the candidates' Dossiers are reveals, giving hints about Project Abraham and the 'alternate timeline' of Resistance.
  • The Alliance for American Autonomy opposes Project Abraham, and is attempting to expose the Grace Administration for its coverups of the truth about what is happening in Europe and Asia. AFAO releases a newsletter each Friday named America First America Only.
  • SRPA, the government agency in charge of Project Abraham, has an information terminal known as SRPAnet, which contains numerous classified documents related to the alien invasion of Europe and Asia.
  • The AAA has led to six puzzle trails as of Aug , in a search through the condidates' dossiers and hidden files on the SRPA Terminal. Each test subject's dossier updates after injection led to top secret documents, which were submitted to AFAO Tips and published in AFAO.
  • Capelli, Brown, Oster, Khaner, Hale and Gennaro were chosen for injection - Capelli survived the injection but is in rough medical state; Brown did not survive; Oster was 'subdued' before given the injection and did not survive), Khaner was critically affected by the serum and did not survive, Hale survived the injection but entered into a sleep-like coma he later recovered from, and Gennaro died trying to perform surgery on himself.
  • Before Danby, the last remaining candidate, could be injected, SRPA requested his immediate transfer to their base in Utah. The SRPAnet crashed and rebooted, announcing that the Chimera had invaded the United States. The three other websites were "destroyed," with the AAA being hunted by the government, Get a War Job being burned and Project Abraham being relocated to SRPA's headquarters.

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