You Can't Always Believe Your Ears

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From "Popular Technologies"

[edit] You Can't Always Believe Your Ears - KEEP THE AIRWAVES CLEAN

In our last issue of Popular Technologies, we showed you how to construct your own HAM radio out of everyday household gadgets like toothpicks and potato skins. But some individuals are using their radio know-how to spread lies and fear without permission from the office of Perception Protection and Guidance.

Specifically, there have been several transmissions attributed to the Alliance for American Autonomy (AAA), a dangerous group of radicals who will stop at nothing to keep our citizens living in fear. Their pirate radio signals claim that there is no European influenza and that we are on the verge of a world war.

"There have also been some phantom signals from Luxembourg, but the content was nonsensical and confused (most likely due to flu-induced dementia). These messages indicate a faction of soldiers called the Maquis, who claim that Paris and Berlin have fallen to alien invaders. This gibberish should not be believed, under any circumstances."

[edit] Mail for FREE Information - Do it TODAY

[edit] Article

Free Information Box:
P.C. Hedges, President
American Radio Organization
PO Box 2141
Pasadena, CA 91102

Dear Mr Hedges: Without obligating me further, please send your pamphlet "American Radio and You" which provides tips and tricks to help me get the most out of my radio time while learning how to identify the misinformation, slander, and falsehoods told over the airwaves. I understand that no agent will visit my home.

[edit] Morse Code

Found in the box border below the article, the morse code reads:

..-. --- .-.. .-.. --- .-- - .... . -- .- .--.

Which translates to:


This refers to the map accompanying the article Deadly Influenza on page 2 of Popular Technologies.

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