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[edit] Brown's Injection

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Open with video identification:
Project Abraham
SN 764122AX
PEL DK62462A
Cut to desk with doctor outlining procedure
Doctor: Project Abraham Serum test, reduced--stopped(?) protein production
Cut to Brown strapped to an operating table
Brown: I'm ready
Closeup of large needle injection
Brown: (after a few seconds) I feel dizzy.
Quick cuts to a closeup of Brown's right eye, trickling blood. Brown coughs lightly, ejecting a yellowish substance from his mouth. Brown's coughing get more severe. He doubles over the table coughing up more yellowish chunks.
Doctor: Get somebody in here. Cytozene, lactade and cortozone, now!
Brown begins coughing up blood mixed with the yellow vomit. A few more weak coughs, then Brown leans over the table and coughs a large puddle of blood and vomit.
Doctor: Orderly!
Brown is now violently throwing up
Doctor: ORDERLY! Somebody?!
The doctor is is strained, holding down a struggling Brown. Additional clips show large chunks of vomit and blood and what appear to be pieces of internal organs splattered across the floor
Final clip: Brown is still, bloodied face up on the table surrounded by blood and pieces of internal organs
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