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[edit] Aklin/Thompson "Psych Protocol Conference"

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Cassie sits at her desk, Brown sitting across from her
Cassie: Sergeant, based on the analysis by the scientific staff, you are a good candidate for the upcoming trial and have been selected as the next subject. You understand the risk?
Brown: Yes, I realize.
Cassie: You're handling this well.
Brown: I'm not going to say that I'm not scared. When I was in Europe I (saw) things that you would not believe, things that were out of a horror story...
Cassie: It isn't the flu is it?
Brown: No, it's not the flu. There's a small chance that whatever they do to me tomorrow will give me a chance to fight -- and if I die, it will help us. The U.S. will fight what's coming.
Cassie: Would you like me to arrange something? Would you like to see a chaplin?
Brown: No. Me and Lauren go way back -- my own peace, in my own way, but thank you. And if I die, what will they tell my parents? My mom - what will they tell her?
Cassie: I - I don't know. No one's ever asked me that before.
Brown: It's a secret experiment, right?
Cassie: Right
Brown: So they will have to tell her something.
Cassie: I guess
Brown: Do me a favour?
Cassie: Sure
Brown: If I die, will you tell her that I died like a soldier? Tell, so I can make her proud.
Cassie: I will. I promise.
Brown: Thank you. Now I'm going to get some sleep.
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