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[edit] Aklin/Thompson "Psych Protocol Conference"

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:

Holding His Hand

Enter the Colonel

The Patient

Not Happy

Cassie is sitting at the bedside of the patient from Video 1, now known to be a "test subject". She is holding his hand. Colonel Thompson enters, and she stands.
Thompson: I thought I'd find you here.
Cassie: Colonel.
Quick flash forward
Thompson: -wondering if there was anything else you could have done.
Cassie: Yes, sir.
Thompson: Well, you couldn't.
Cassie: He looks comfortable.
Thompson: Doctors are looking through the test results. We have to find the next subject.
Cassie: And who is it?
Thompson: We're waiting on your recommendation.
Cassie: My recommendation?!
Thompson: We're looking for you to give us your advice. To recommend the next-
Quick flash forward
Cassie: And who will actually decide?
Quick flash forward
Thompson: -take your recommendation.
Cassie: I can't do that.
Thompson: I'm afraid you can, and you will.
Cassie: I am not a soldier, I am a pyschologist! I saw what happened to this man today, and now you want me to choose who'll end up like this?!
Thompson: This isn't a request, it's an order.
Cassie: People come to me when they're hurt. (quick flash) -make them feel better.
Thompson: I'm asking you to do your duty.
Cassie: You are asking me to decide who lives and who dies!
Thompson suddenly flashes out of shot. Cassie speaks to herself.
Cassie: I can't do this alone.
Fades to black
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