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SRPA Terminal Interface

Active commands:

Known logins: ("SEC user:pass")

Public Files
GET [file]

Secure Files

SEC user:pass
GET [file]

Welcome screen

(as per v1.42, July 25)

                                  WELCOME TO
         _______  _______  _______  _______  _        _______ _________
        (  ____ \(  ____ )(  ____ )(  ___  )( (    /|(  ____ \\__   __/
        | (    \/| (    )|| (    )|| (   ) ||  \  ( || (    \/   ) (
        | (_____ | (____)|| (____)|| (___) ||   \ | || (__       | |
        (_____  )|     __)|  _____)|  ___  || (\ \) ||  __)      | |
              ) || (\ (   | (      | (   ) || | \   || (         | |
        /\____) || ) \ \__| )      | )   ( || )  \  || (____/\   | |
        \_______)|/   \__/|/       |/     \||/    )_)(_______/   )_(

SRPAnet is for use only by authorized individuals.
>For HELP in using this system, type HELP
>For a message from the PPG, type GET PPG
***Quarantine has been established in the Bahamas***
> For more information type GET DISEASECONTROL
>For a message from the PPG on How to be a Good Soldier, type GET TIP
>For Alaska Local Message From the Commander, type GET COMMANDERHOLIDAYS

Listed along the bottom:

GET [term]
SEC [username:password]
PLAY [term]
STOP [term]



The following can be used to navigate the terminal interface:

GET [file identifier] displays or initiates playback of file
STOP [file identifier] stops playback of file
RUN [file identifier] runs program
RES [file identifier] loads full resolution of file (graphic only)


Type RES to improve image quality

Press 'q' to exit


Public Files
  • Retrievable with the command: GET [file]


DK62462A DK62462A1 DK62462A2 DK62462A3 DK62462A4 DK62462A5

DK62462A6 DK62462A7 DK62462A8 938STOCKMEYER773 BU75207B (Aug.5) BU75207B1 (Aug.5)

BU75207B2 (Aug.5) BU75207B3 (Aug.5) BU75207B4 (Aug.5) BU75207B5 (Aug.5) PE826478 (Aug.8) NV92374A (Aug.12)

NV92374A1 (Aug.12) NV92374A2 (Aug.12) NV92374A3 (Aug.12) KHGSRPA44397 (Aug.12) KHGSRPA44398 (Aug.12) KHGSRPA44399 (Aug.12)

Secure Files
  • Retrievable after first identifying: SEC user:pass, then GET [file]

764122AX XX458198 XX458199 XX458200 SP2321

SP2322 FR8534 FR8535 XX334147SV (Aug.5) LDP313619PM (Sug.5)

SCNR458849 (Aug.5) DEP783528 (Aug.5) MPXX336684 (Aug.5) LDP227489WK (Aug.5) LDP758986PS (Aug.5)

LDP758012EL (Aug.5) LDP759540YC (Aug.5) LDP725027DK (Aug.5) LDP578932HS (Aug.5) LDP203933JD (Aug.5)

4-11-12-13-18-21-24-26-27-29-32-33-34 (aug.5)

LL272198LSA (Aug.12) LATLONDB (Aug.12) VOL787833 (Aug.12) AN952795LOG (Aug.12) AN952795LOG0 (Aug.12)

AN952795LOG1 (Aug.12) AN952795LOG2 (Aug.12) AN952795LOG3 (Aug.12) AN952795LOG4 (Aug.12) DNA548781PA (Aug.12)

AN94253577 (Aug.12)


  • Will increase the visual quality of graphics retrieved via GET [file]


  • Offers a download of the file being viewed, if a download is available.

File contents

  • some file contents listed below

Text display:

The Office of Perception, Protection and Guidance reminds
you that misuse of SRPAnet is punishable by a fine of up
to two thousand dollars and up to two years in prison.

Do not give your password to others.

Do not allow unauthorized personnel to use your terminal
when you have retrieved files.

Your Vigilance Protects Us All.

Text display:

Are you a good soldier?

Good soldiers:

*Know their place.  Follow orders promptly and without question.
*Are a small part of a greater whole.  Serve your country.  Support your unit.
*Maintain Order.  Keep a clean and orderly work and personal space.
*Keep in good physical shape.  Exercise daily.
*Stay out of trouble.  Causing a ruckus and asking too many questions will threaten our liberties.
*Are always ready!  The readiness for war is what keeps the peace!

You have a sacred trust to God and Country.  Be proud!

Text display:

To Base Personnel:

With the holiday season upon us here in Alaska, we have more than our
fill of snow and cold.  It’s a difficult time to be away from friends and
family.  For those of you who have family abroad, perhaps grandparents or
cousins in Europe, the complete embargo of all travel and news in and out
of the United States makes it even more difficult.

I want to assure you all that the work we are doing here is more important
than you can know.  The service you are rendering is essential to the
peace and security of the people you love.  Our enemy, the European
influenza, is no less dangerous for being so intangible.

We will do our best in during these holidays to be a kind of family to
each other.  Patience is the hardest of virtues.  Remember, in the words
of the poet John Milton, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”

Wishing you the best in these coming weeks.

L. Dicklesohn, Brigadier General, Alaska

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