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Main Site

July 1, 2008

The website is live and a video is played on visiting the site.

Video transcript
Cassie: You're Gonna Be OK.
Doctor: His Blood Pressure's 135
Cassie: Can you grab my hand? You're gonna be OK. What's happening to him? You're gonna be fine.
Nurse: We can't get through his skin.
Doctor: Get out of the way.
Cassie: What are you feeling? He wants help! What's going through your mind? Did you hear me?(something here that I couldn't make out) You can't do this. Stop it.
Doctor: Hey! Move.
Cassie: No you can't do this. NO!
Doctor: Get her out of here.
Cassie:Please you're killing him. Stop.

July 3, 2008

Morse code at the end of the video on the main page leads to (link)

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