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Main Site

July 1, 2008

The website is live and a video is played on visiting the site.

Video transcript
Cassie: You're Gonna Be OK.
Doctor: His Blood Pressure's 135
Cassie: Can you grab my hand? You're gonna be OK. What's happening to him? You're gonna be fine.
Nurse: We can't get through his skin.
Doctor: Get out of the way.
Cassie: What are you feeling? He wants help! What's going through your mind? Did you hear me?(something here that I couldn't make out) You can't do this. Stop it.
Doctor: Hey! Move.
Cassie: No you can't do this. NO!
Doctor: Get her out of here.
Cassie:Please you're killing him. Stop.
Grab from video
Grab from video


July 3, 2008

Morse code at the end of the video on the main page leads to
The page has a photo that can be picked up and moved around on a tabletop.

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