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Project Abraham


'Project Abraham is presumably a Chimera-related medical study funded by the US military. The website was found by solving the map puzzle in "Popular Technologies."

July 3

The only content on the main Project Abraham site is a video that can be downloaded directly here.

Video 1
Morse Code

At the end of the video a flatline tone turns into morse code which reads:

-... .-.. .- -.-. -.- --- ..- -

Which translates to:


Adding "blackout" to the end of the url gives

July 8

The second video appears, and can be downloaded directly here.

Video 2

July 14

  • A countdown was added to the footer, counting down to Tuesday July 22, 12:00pm Pacific.

July 15

The third video appears, and can be downloaded directly here.

Video 3

July 22

The countdown ends, providing a link to the voting interface - to view dossiers, the PA inbox, and the first vote.

July 25

Voting ends, and Brown is chosen as the next injection candidate. His dossier is updated with numerous item, a new video is available, and an audio message from Cassie. The Inbox also has two new letters.

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