Missing Link Or Alien Visitor

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[edit] Missing Link or Alien Visitor?

(Image of Chimera skull)

While perusing the storage locker at the Helena, Montana Museum of Natural History, Eunice Montebankke made an odd discovery. "I was just doing my monthly inventory and I found this weird rock. Then, I picked it up and a chunk of dirt fell off and I realized it's not a rock at all -- it's a skull!"

The fossil was donated back in 1933 by a local farmer named Josiah Bennivur, but museum officials never fully analyzed the find until Montebankke's serendipitous accident. Now, scientists point to the multiple eye sockets and prehistoric jaw structure as evidence that this organism may or may not have plummeted to earth from parts unknown. Some speculate that the artifact may be related to a skull purportedly found in Estonia back in Fabruary of 1947, though the office of Perception Protection and Guidance has officially denied the existence of any such item.
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