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From: Thad Mornton, Security Officer
To: All Project Abraham staffers

It has come to my attention that certain individuals on
this base have been abusing their privileges on
terminal-SRPA.net.  We monitor all interfaces going into
and out of our facilities, so be warned that your
correspondence must be in accordance with all military
rules and regulations.

Specifically, no member of this project should have any
contact with the Allienace for American Autonomy.  They say
their motto is "America First, America Only," but in 
truth, they are a dangerous group that spreads lies and 
propaganda.  Even if your intentions are altruistic, the
Alliance must not be accessed from any government

Failure to follow regulations in this matter will result
in serious disciplinary action.

Thank you and please consult me with any questions you may


Thad Mornton

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