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To:  Cassandra Aklin, PhD 
From:  Colonel Thompson 
Re:  Clarification of Duties 
Date:  November 6, 1950

Per our conversation this memo will serve to clairify your

You will monitor the psychological states of the subject
of the trials both before the trials, and in the event
that the serum proves less debilitating, after them.  In
particular, you are to watch for psychological changes
that might be associated with exposure to the virus.
These include but are not limited to, extreme rage,
auditory and/or visual hallucinations, nightmares and any
evidence of severe psychological disruption.

Most importantly, each week the science staff will
recommend three men they believe are biologically best
suited to that week's trial.  Based on your evaluations of
the men themselves, and the group as a whole, you will
forward to me a recommendation as to which men will be the
subject of that week's trial.

Understand that though this is an immense burden, your
service is essential to this project.

Col. Grant Thompson, U.S. Army

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