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[edit] Cassie Aklin - 11/10/1950

[edit] Transcript
It’s happening - I’m not picking from the executioner’s list. Executioner’s list. That’s what the guys call it whenever they see their names together. But I’m not the executioner. A network across the world is now deciding for me. I thought it would make me feel relieved. It hasn’t. The guilt never stops. I’m still responsible. I’m still part of this horrible experiment, but now I’ve gotten other people involved. Is that worse? I haven’t cleaned the blood off my hands, but I’ve put it on thousands of other people. I have to keep on reminding myself I had no other choice. We have to think of the greater good. I couldn’t do what they wanted from me. Those people out there, they’re saving my life. And they picked their first man. They chose Brown. His soul seemed…untouched by everything he’s seen. And now it will be like that forever. I keep on seeing the needle going into his arm. Even when I shut my eyes, that’s what I see.

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