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[edit] Oster/Cassie "Hallway Surveillance"

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Cassie is walking down a hall, Oster calls out to her and catches up.
Oster: Ms. Aklin!
Cassie: Sergeant Oster.
Oster: Can I talk to you for a moment? Now? It's important.
Are you alright?
Oster: I, I just want to talk.
Cassie: What's wrong?
Oster: I want you to know I feel as if I can really trust you.
Cassie: Thank you. I'm glad that you feel that way.
Oster: It's tough out here, being stuck in this compound... just guys around me... death. Then I see you. You're like an angel here. My angel.
Cassie: Sergeant, I don't know--
Oster: People think I'm so hard, so tough, but you - you treat me different. The way you look at me...
Cassie: I don't under--
Oster advances on Cassie
Cassie: Sergeant! Step back!
Oster: What you don't--
Cassie: No! I don't.
Oster: But, the way you are with me... nobody's been like that before, no one listens to me like that.
Cassie: Look, I know that it's hard, and sometimes you feel lonely and scared. I see that - I'm here for you, to listen. That's it.
Oster: I thought that you cared about me. I thought for the first time in my life, someone really cared--(cut)
Cassie: I'm sorry sergeant.
Oster: I don't know if I can get through this alone.
Oster walk away
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