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[edit] Glenn Khaner Induction Interview

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Open: Khaner sits on a stool, facing the camera, recoiling by the light that turns on in his face.
Khaner: Whoah (hand shielding eyes) -- You want me leaning back, like this, or, or forward, like this? Can I say hi to my mom? --Hey mom! (waving)
Interviewer: You can do whatever you like.
(Khaner is in a very light-hearted mood)
Khaner: Oh, well in that case the interview's over - I'm going to the officer's club. (joking) Ok hit me with whatever you've got, come on!
Interviewer: State your serial number for the record.
Khaner: Serial number 475247 Unicorn Delta
Interviewer: Are you aware that this study could result in grave injury, gross deformity, or death?
Khaner: They're not gonna let me die, are they? (chuckles)
Interviewer: Please, answer the question, lieutenant.
Khaner: Yes, I am.
Interviewer: How did you hear about the project?
Khaner: Well... You know when you find something that you know is true? Well, you'd follow it to the end of the earth wouldn't you? ...I volunteered. That's just me. I know this is going to be ok, too. I'm sure of it.
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