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[edit] Frank Gennaro Induction Interview

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Open: Gennaro sits on a stool, facing the camera.
Interviewer: State your serial number for the record.
Gennaro: Serial number 389245 Tango Charlie.
Interviewer: You're the first captain we've had as a test subject. Why did you volunteer?
Gennaro: Captains lead from the front. If there's a danger here I should be the first to go.
Interviewer: Sounds like you have a death wish.
Gennaro: Death wish? Death wish... Dying's easy. It's living that's hard.
Interviewer: Why is living so hard?
Gennaro: Can't feel Him any more.
Interviewer: Who?
Gennaro: Do you believe in God? I do. I think that I could, you know, feel him, in me, in the world. I don't any more. It's in His hands I guess, you know? If I die, I die. It's a sin, you know.
Interviewer: How is it a sin?
Gennaro: Who am I to try to force God's hand? (pause) Just... turn it off, I've already embarrassed myself enough.
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