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[edit] Joseph Capelli Induction Interview

[edit] Transcript
Video clips:


Open: Capelli sits on a stool, facing the camera.
Interviewer: State your serial number for the record.
Capelli: Serial number 49234 Romeo Echo.
Interviewer: Can you explain why you volunteered for this project?
Capelli: Depends on what you mean by volunteer.
Interviewer: Can you explain?
Capelli: Yeah.
Interviewer: Would you?
Capelli: I had a little trouble in my unit. Some of the guys and I didn't get along, things got a little out of hand. They told me I could go to Alaska or Fort Carson.
Interviewer: You mean the army regional confinement facility?
Capelli: The prison? Yeah.
Interviewer: You've been told of the hazardous nature of this assignment?
Capelli: It was funny because they didn't want to stress the whole 'probably dying' part until I got here.
Interviewer: Do you consider that unfair?
Capelli: The whole world's unfair.
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