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From AAA Issue #2

[edit] Techno-Propaganda

We Have Entered a New Era of Fear and Lies.

We at the Alliance have just learned that the Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA) is using millions of our tax dollars to build and maintain an elaborate system of computer terminals that relays information from one hub to another at light speed.

They call is and they are using it against us.

What sensitive materials are on this network? Why can't we have full access to all of these government files? What are they hiding from us? We demand answers and we won't stop fighting until we get them.
The terminals of enables the Grace administration and all of his cronies to spread misinformation like never before. Documents, pictures, recordings - these are all catalogued on this new system and organized into a neat web of lies. It's time to kill the spider.

Find the Truth and Let Us Know.

If we don't act soon, then all of our personal correspondence will be subject to constant surveillance. How else can they satisfy the insatiable appetite of their latest high-tech monster? It won't be long before the government is in your home, spying on your every move just to update their fancy computer network.

This is, indeed, a dark day for America.
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