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From "Popular Technologies"

[edit] Shooting For Peace - The Big Guns that Will Reinforce Our Borders in the Years to Come

M5A2 Carbine: The last word in defense, the Carbine is a heavy-duty rifle with rapid-fire capability and deadly stopping power. Plus, the short stock makes it convenient for any situation!

(Image of M5A2 Carbine and ammunition)

L23 Fareye: It's name says it all! The Fareye sports a long-range scope, a hair trigger and explosive accuracy. Hunting made easy!

(Image of L23 Fareye)

H-VAP Janus Minigun: The Minigun may sound small, but it kills big. A weapon that discharges maximum rounds in minimum time - what more could you ask for?

(Image of H-VAP Janus Minigun schematics)

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