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[edit] file XX458199

Official creature autopsy report
Official Autopsy Report - Cadaver specs / Length: 187cm, Weight: 87kg
Creature exhibits bilateral symmetry:

Like other specimens of this type, it's organized along standard humanoid form; head, trunk, two arms, two legs.

Unhuman characteristics: 6 eyes, 2 apparently binocular, 4 located in what would be the shenoid and temporal areas of the human skull - apparent distortion of what would be the suture frontozygomatica in a human although morphology is so distorted it is hard to be certain. Mandible is completely altered, mouth opens much wider than standard in humans. 18 teeth, none appear adapted to grinding, all appear to be sheering teeth.

(illustration labels)
A- Opening the cranium shows a completely altered brain. Frontal lobes are smaller and fused. Medula is huge and base of brain stem is expanded partway down the spine. This may explain part of the reason Chimera continue to function despite massive trauma.

B- Much of the upper chest cavity of the specimen was severely damaged by explosive and blunt force trauma.

D- Despite damage, the back of the specimen is intact and relatively undamaged. This specimen does not display the characteristic 'cooling vents' found on other specimens.

Stomach contents appear to include human and chimera remains. Liver is not intact. What remains resembles the long multilobes 'banana' like organ seen in other specimens. Weight of remaining organ was 1.4kg.

Specimen has very little body fat.

Cause of death was severe traume (reports from the field indicate trauma from grenade explosion and impact with a truck.) - (B,C)

The lack of ventral vents suggests that the creatures are evolving.

Effects File: XX458198
  • Belongs to series, with XX458199, and XX458200
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