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[edit] file XX458198

A sample listing of items found with dead enemies.

Effects File. XX458198

This is a very partial inventory of objects found with
dead enemies.  The assumption is that they were
carrying them with them.

It's possible that this is some sort of magpie reflex,
that is, that they pick of objects at random.  There
has been some speculation that after transformation,
they may retain some very vestigial memories of their
previous life.  A horrifying possibility.
  1. Toy (a monkey clapper)
  2. Soap (very old, dry bar)
  3. Shoes (ballet slippers)
  4. Watch (classic pocket watch)
  5. Holy Card (hands praying)
  6. Key (old lock style)
  7. Dentures (dentures!)
  8. Baby Shoe (baby shoe!)
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