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[edit] file LB78739564

SECURITY REPORT 11/28/50 Subject: C. Aklin
As per our latest directive, we are stepping up the Project Abraham surveillance efforts to include more of the goings-on here at base. Therefore, in addition to monitoring the actions of our potential test subjects, we are also keeping tabs on the medical staff.
We are aware that Dr. Cassie Aklin had a relationship with Lieutenant Khaner prior to their involvement in Project Abraham, so his death may have taken a serious emotional toll on her. But now, she has sought comfort with yet another test subject: Nathan Hale. This threatens to jeopardize not only her role as a psych consult, but it also may cause undue stress to Sgt. Hale's mental state. She is not here to get involved in their lives, just to observe and report.
Surveillance of Dr. Aklin will continue until further notice. I'll take personal responsibility for keeping tabs on Cassie - she reminds me of my gal back home and I'd hate to see her get into any trouble, intentional or otherwise.

  • A stamp on the bottom right of the document reads "Assoc. Doc: LB65521288"
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