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[edit] file DNA548781PA

Presence of Non-Human Amino Acids in European Tissue Samples
SRPA - 8, Crihkhorn Lab
Abstract: Use of an ISMA (Ion Sourced Mass Analyzer) a recent breakthrough piece of equipment that measures the presence and amount of ions in a sample, thereby determining the chemical composition of a sample, has determined that tissue samples under study containing amino acids show an unusually high degree of racemic distribution, and contain isovaline and pseudoleucine. The implication is that the tissues are not only non-human, but non-terrestrial, and in fact, possible non-solar in origin.
Conclusion: The racemic distribution of amino acids could indicate that the sample has assimilated not just one non-human antecedent but perhaps hundreds.
[ - graph - ] Sample Distribution
Assoc. Doc: AN94253577
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