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[edit] Puzzle

[edit] Khaner's Story


  • Tuesday August 12 - After Khaner received the third injection, his results became available.
  • In his dossier was placed the lab results of his injection.
  • Khaner is labeled as "P.A. SUBJECT #475247UD" with "PEL# nv92374a"
  • Attempting to GET file NV92374A returns a folder list of additional document numbers:
Khaner, Glenn

Service No.

  • The second document, Khaner's security access to Ice Station Igloo contains his Security clearance code: KHGSRPA44397.
  • This photo shows no code, but is a part of another series of photos, including KHGSRPA44398, KHGSRPA44399
  • This is a dead end. But Third document above, NV92374A3 contains a reference code: LL272198LSA.
  • This is primary puzzle for the week.
Three cities are listed, with degree angles and distances, in order to triangulate the source of a weak Russian morse code signal.
Ipswich 79.5deg 1900 miles Darwin 318.3deg 6700 miles Anchorage 349.9deg 4815 miles
  • Locating the cities, align North as 0 degrees, and approximate an angle of departure.
  • Traversing a round map is essential, as a flat map of the globe won't provide an accurate path.
    Google Earth allows for a spherical map (and is thus a tool of choice) - Google maps does not.

(solve process by thebruce)

  • Using the path tool, with each city centered and north facing up, create a two point path following the approximate angle required until the distance is nearly matched.
  • Once all three vectors have been mapped, move to the region where the lines are near intersecting (if they don't appear to converge, redo the vectors)
  • Adjust the tips of the paths until they meet (or visually estimate their converging point)
    They should converge over Volgograd, Russia (see below)
  • At the footer of the document is the phrase "Entered into LATLONDB"
  • GET LATLONDB to run a small application that will 'listen in' on a specific geolocation. Required input is the latitude and longtidude:
  • Entering the Google Earth location for Volgograd in the above form:
Returns the result: VOL787833
(AN952795LOG0 is a text log)
  • Log #3 contains another associated document number: DNA548781PA
  • This file also contains another associated doc #: AN94253577
  • AN94253577 is a classified letter from Stanislaw Ivanovich Ozerov. This is the location of the next Document Control Number. In the upper right is the stamp:
  • This is the DCN that's wanted by AFAO - submit the number to AFAO Tips and your task is complete.

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