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[edit] Puzzle

[edit] Brown's Story


  • Tuesday July 29 - After Brown was voted to receive the next injection, his results became available.
  • The Project Abraham Inbox received a new letter - the lab results of Brown's injection
  • Brown is labeled as "P.A. SUBJECT #764122AX" with "PEL# dk62462a"
  • Noting the similar file naming convention as used perviously in the SRPA Terminal, two commands can be attempted:

GET 764122AX
This returns the error: "You do not have access to this file"

GET dk62462a
This returns a folder list of additional document numbers:
Brown, Channing

Service No.


  • It's not a dead end however. DK62462A7, a letter from a British contact, has a number of strange typos in the text.
DK62462A7 with typos hilighted
DK62462A7 with typos hilighted
  • DK62462A8, a torn out page from a Bible, is a strange personal item to possess, at least it seems out of place.
  • The letter also appears to have markings that match the upper and lower right corners of the scripture page.
[edit] Solution
  • It was discovered that by making 'holes' where the typos occurred in the letter, then placing the scripture page underneath aligned with the corner markings from the letter, the holes hilighted specific letters on the scripture page.
DK62462A7 with scripture underlay
DK62462A7 with scripture underlay
  • the letters seen through the holes spell out:

  • returning to the SRPA Terminal, logging in (guessing at Phillip Howard's username in a standard form) with the command "SEC howardp:belinda" returns "You have successfully logged in"
  • You can now access the restricted page from earlier using
GET 764122AX
  • on this page is another code:
Content reviewed by PPG - Assoc. Doc: XX458198
  • executing
GET XX458198
retrieves another document; however: not listed are two additional documents, subsequently named XX458199 and XX458200
XX458198, XX458199, XX458200

  • Notice, on the last document (XX458200) is a special stamp:

  • This is a Document Control number that's wanted by AFAO - submit the number to AFAO Tips and your task is complete.

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