Project Abraham Takes Its First Victim

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From AAA Issue #2

[edit] Project Abraham Takes Its First Victim

Is Private Joseph Capelli Dead... Or Worse?

One brave soldier has already been sacrificed in the name of "science." Our covert operatives within the government system have uncovered materials that show Joseph Capelli being tortured and possibly killed. How could this happen to a defender of our freedom? And what, if anything, do these experiments prove?

Nothing is worth this madness

The medical staff of Project Abraham has designated Joseph Capelli comatose, but we can't trust these charlatans. From what we have seen, his mind, body and soul were all put through the grinder. Nobody could have survived such as ordeal unless he was the strongest, most resolute soldier in the army.

Stop destroying our heroes

Despite having a history of insubordination and disciplinary troubles, Private Capelli enlisted in the armed forces and he deserves respect. Does Project Abraham think that it can throw these men away just because they're troublemakers?
We also know that Pvt. Capelli was involved with a massive undertaking in the private sector. First, the military discards the lives and/or health of enlisted men and now, they're setting their sights on big business. They have co-opted something called the Humboldt Surveying Company to commandeer thousands of acres of American soil. We don't know what they have planned, but it can't be good.

Save our land, save our soldiers
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