More Secret Death Factories

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From AAA Issue #2

[edit] More Secret Death Factories?

It's all happening in your own backyard!

We are starting to learn more and more about the atrocities going on in Alaska, but what about the latest discoveries in Utah? The Alliance intercepted a telegram from one Fyodor Malikov - clearly, this foreigner can't be trusted to work within our continental United States. Malikov runs a clandestine lab somewhere underground and even though we have no information on their operations, one thing's for sure: they can't be trusted.

What's going on in Bryce Canyon?

Just the mention of another secret military base should make every patriotic citizen's blood run cold. If they are in collusion with the death merchants of Project Abraham, will they need fresh meat for their human slaughterhouse?

Question authority - stop the killing!
  • Includes a small clip of the telegram mentioned above, which is located in Capelli's dossier.
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