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From: Colonel Grant Thompson
To: Dr. Cassie Aklin, PhD
Re: Suspension of Clinical Trials
Date:  November 3, 1950

Dr. Aklin, 

Due to the violently unpredictable nature of our
experiments thus far, we have suspended all injections
until further notice.  As the new psychiatric consult here
at Project Abraham your professional assessments will be
invaluable as we go forward with the project, but as for
now, we are in a holding pattern.  The bio-chem team is
currently analyzing the data from our past attempts. We
should have a better direction in the next few days and
will be able to resume the testing protocol within the
next two weeks. 

Make use of this time to assess the remaining six
candidates.  As a result of the unexpected results to the
first injection of serum, all personnel will be
restricted to the Project Abraham compound.  It is an
inconvenience, but given the severity of the Alaskan
winter, and this year's unexpectedly colder than normal
temperatures, it is unlikely that many people would be
venturing off base. 

Remember, our work here is highly classified, so be sure
to familiarize yourself with base procedures. 

Col. Grant Thompson, U.S. Army

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