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P.A. Medical Facility
November 21, 1950
Attention: Dr. Cassie Aklin
I understand how difficult it must be to select the weekly test subject, Ms. Aklin, but I implore you to be more timely with this process. Our staffers need enough lead time to do their jobs, so anything you can do to expedite the process would be greatly appreciated.
Judging from the results of our last round of physical exams and obstacle course training sessions, Glenn Khaner has the optimum histological profile for the serum processes we are analyzing. There are some aspects of his metabolic panel which are less than optimal, but his musculature, heart rate and agility will serve him well and will hopefully prevent him from suffering the fate that befell Keith Oster.
So, the decision is yours - will it be Khaner, Gennaro or Danby?
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